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RocksDB 4.1 发布,key-value 存储系统

RocksDB 4.1 发布,更新内容如下:


  • Added single delete operation as a more efficient way to delete keys that have not been overwritten.

  • Added experimental AddFile() to DB interface that allow users to add
    files created by SstFileWriter into an empty Database, see
    include/rocksdb/sst_file_writer.h and DB::AddFile() for more info.

  • Added support for opening SST files with .ldb suffix which enables opening LevelDB databases.

  • CompactionFilter now supports filtering of merge operands and merge results.

公共 API 更新

  • Added SingleDelete() to the DB interface.

  • Added AddFile() to DB interface.

  • Added SstFileWriter class.

  • CompactionFilter has a new method FilterMergeOperand() that RocksDB
    applies to every merge operand during compaction to decide whether to
    filter the operand.

  • We removed CompactionFilterV2 interfaces from
    include/rocksdb/compaction_filter.h. The functionality was deprecated
    already in version 3.13.


RocksDB 是一个来自 facebook 的可嵌入式的支持持久化的 key-value 存储系统,也可作为 C/S 模式下的存储数据库,但主要目的还是嵌入式。RocksDB 基于 LevelDB 构建。关于 RocksDB 的性能说明。


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