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GitLab 8.2.0 RC1 发布,代码托管平台

GitLab 8.2.0 RC1 发布,GitLab 8.2.0 主要改进:

  – Remove CSS property preventing hard tabs from rendering in Chromium 45 (Stan Hu)
  – Fix Drone CI service template not saving properly (Stan Hu)
  – Fix avatars not showing in Atom feeds and project issues when Gravatar disabled (Stan Hu)
  – Added a GitLab specific profiling tool called "Sherlock" (see GitLab CE merge request #1749)
  – Upgrade gitlab_git to 7.2.20 and rugged to 0.23.3 (Stan Hu)
  – Improved performance of finding users by one of their Email addresses
  – Add allow_failure field to commit status API (Stan Hu)
  – Improved performance of replacing references in comments
  – Show last project commit to default branch on project home page
  – Highlight comment based on anchor in URL
  – Adds ability to remove the forked relationship from project settings screen. (Han Loong Liauw)
  – Improved performance of sorting milestone issues
  – Allow users to select the Files view as default project view (Cristian Bica)
  – Show "Empty Repository Page" for repository without branches (Artem V. Navrotskiy)
  – Fix: Inability to reply to code comments in the MR view, if the MR comes from a fork
  – Use git follow flag for commits page when retrieve history for file or directory
  – Show merge request CI status on merge requests index page
  – Send build name and stage in CI notification e-mail
  – Extend yml syntax for only and except to support specifying repository path
  – Enable shared runners to all new projects
  – Bump GitLab-Workhorse to 0.4.1
  – Allow to define cache in `.gitlab-ci.yml`
  – Fix: 500 error returned if destroy request without HTTP referer (Kazuki Shimizu)
  – Remove deprecated CI events from project settings page
  – [API] Add ability to fetch the commit ID of the last commit that actually touched a file
  – Fix omniauth documentation setting for omnibus configuration (Jon Cairns)
  – Add "New file" link to dropdown on project page
  – Include commit logs in project search
  – Add "added", "modified" and "removed" properties to commit object in webhook
  – Rename "Back to" links to "Go to" because its not always a case it point to place user come from
  – Allow groups to appear in the search results if the group owner allows it
  – New design for project graphs page
  – Remove deprecated dumped yaml file generated from previous job definitions
  – Fix incoming email config defaults
  – Show specific runners from projects where user is master or owner
  – MR target branch is now visible on a list view when it is different from project's default one
  – Improve Continuous Integration graphs page
  – Make color of "Accept Merge Request" button consistent with current build status
  – Add ignore white space option in merge request diff and commit and compare view
  – Ability to add release notes (markdown text and attachments) to git tags (aka Releases)
  – Relative links from a repositories now link to the default branch
  – Fix trailing whitespace issue in merge request/issue title
  – Fix bug when milestone/label filter was empty for dashboard issues page
  – Add ability to create milestone in group projects from single form


开源中国代码托管平台 就是基于 GitLab 项目搭建。

GitLab是一个利用 Ruby on Rails 开发的开源应用程序,实现一个自托管的Git项目仓库,可通过Web界面进行访问公开的或者私人项目。


GitLab 5.0以前版本要求服务器端采用 Gitolite 搭建,5.0版本以后不再使用 Gitolite ,采用自己开发的 gitlab-shell 来实现。如果你觉得安装麻烦可以使用 GitLab Installers 一键安装程序。


  • Ubuntu/Debian

  • ruby 1.9.3+

  • mysql or postgresql

  • git

  • gitlab-shell

  • redis

  • Sidekiq

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