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Crate Data 0.53.0 发布,数据存储系统


– Updated crate-admin to 0.16.0 which includes following changes:

   – The table list is now fully searchable and sorted by table name within
     its schemas.

   – fix: charts are not correctly displayed in Microsoft Edge browser.

   – UDC: identify anonymous user with cluster id.
     Both user id and cluster id are anonymous traits.
     Note: You can disable UDC via the `udc.enabled` setting on the Crate server.

 – implement “intersects“ scalar function

 – fix: properly restrict partitioned by columns to primitive types
        during analysis

 – added functionality to index and match geo shapes

 – restrict WITHIN function to only accept geo_point (and compatible types)
   as first argument

 – Added snapshot and restore functionality

 – Changed crate launch scripts to no longer support extending the
   CRATE_CLASSPATH environment variable

 – Added initial limited cross and inner join support

 – Updated crate/elasticsearch for improved logging on graceful shutdown errors

 – Added “array_cat“, “array_unique“ and “array_difference“ scalar
   functions. Also modified “concat“ function to resolve to “array_cat“ when
   “concat“ function is called with 2 array args, so the operator “||“ will
   work with arrays.


Crate Data
SQL 进行检索。易于安装和使用,支持高可用性和实时大规模并行访问和处理。Crate 特别适合用于 Docker 环境中。

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