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Ushahidi 3.1.0 发布,开源报警平台

Ushahidi 3.1.0 发布,此版本主要包括新特性和 bug 修复,主要新特性:

  • 新增活动视图

  • 在 collections 添加通知功能,匹配已保存的搜索

  • 提供配置新部署提示功能

  • 不再支持 PHP 5.4


  • Removed username's and moved to using emails instead

  • Caching layer to the client speed things up

  • Improved UX on list view

  • Cleaner data sources settings to make it clear what needs to be configured before enabling a data source

  • New alert and confirmation dialogs

  • Better client start up. Load setting before we render everything

  • Show "There are no posts yet" on new sites

  • Added API to fetch all stages and attributes

  • Rate limiting for login attempts to prevent brute force attacks

  • Added configurable quotas for posts, post type and admins

  • API: Better error reporting for validation issues

  • Added config get/set console commands

  • Added default post type on new deployments

  • CLI task to create admin user for a deployment

  • Added required indicator asterisks to set required fields

  • Load site name into page title

  • Improved iconpicker and added to category picker

  • Ability to upload files to CDN, instead of local filesystem

  • Make sure maps use map settings consistently

  • Drop support for PHP 5.4

  • Remove defunct kohana models

  • Remove stats and posts/export APIs

  • Remove old Kohana authentication modules

  • Add multisite db switching (for powering

  • Default to MySQLi connection if DB_TYPE not set

  • Updated vagrant setup to work with Puppet 4+

Bug 修复

  • Fixed headings on saved search and collection settings

  • Fixed error handling when uploading a banner image

  • Various fixes to charting views

  • Fixed bugs in email, twitter and SMSSync data providers

  • Lots of other smaller fixes



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