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Kotlin 1.0 Beta 2 发布,基于 JVM 的编程语言

Kotlin 1.0 Beta 2 发布,此版本主要是 bug 修复和标准库方面的改进。

  • 语言方面改进:类型参数强制约束 single-instantiation inheritance;改进 Diagnostics;改进编译器

  • 库改进:为标准库清理了 APIs

  • 新文档生成工具 Dokka

此外还有 IDE 方面的改进:

  • Completion now works for Java static members and members of objects. Just press Ctrl+Space for the second time:

  • Completion inside string templates has been added. For using it type "$name."

  • Now we can choose exact position of a breakpoint while debugging expressions with lambdas:

  • And finally, a bunch of intention actions have been added for
    importing Java statics, object members and enum entries. And there is an
    analogous one to*-importstatic members from Java classes or entries from enum classes


Kotlin 是一个基于 JVM 的新的编程语言,由 JetBrains 开发。


  • 创建一种兼容Java的语言

  • 让它比Java更安全,能够静态检测常见的陷阱。如:引用空指针

  • 它比Java更简洁,通过支持variable type inference,higher-order functions
    (closures),extension functions,mixins and first-class delegation等实现。

  • 让它比最成熟的竞争对手Scala语言更加简单。

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