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Hugo v0.15 发布,Go 静态网站生成器

Hugo v0.15 发布, 更新如下:


  • new hugo import jekyll command. 1469

  • The new Param convenience method on Page and Node can be used to get the most specific parameter value for a given key. 1462

  • Several new information elements have been added to Page and Node:

    • RuneCount: The number of runes in the content, excluding any whitespace. This may be a good alternative to .WordCount  for Japanese and other CJK languages where a word-split by spaces makes no sense.  1266

    • RawContent: Raw Markdown as a string. One use case may be of embedding slides.

    • IsHome: tells the truth about whether you're on the home page or not.


  • hugo server now builds ~30%+ faster by rendering to memory instead of disk. To get the old behavior, start the server with --renderToDisk=true.

  • Hugo now supports dynamic reloading of the config file when watching.

  • We now use a custom-built LazyFileReader for reading file contents, which means we don't read media files in /content into memory anymore — and file reading is now performed in parallel on multicore PCs. 1181

  • Hugo is now built with Go 1.5 which, among many other improvements, have fixed the last known data race in Hugo. 917

  • Paginator now also supports page groups. 1274

  • Markdown improvements:

    • Option to disable Blackfriday's Smartypants.

    • Option for Blackfriday to open links in a new window/tab. 1220

    • Option to disable Blackfriday's LaTeX style dashes 1231

    • Definition lists extension support.

    • Hugo now supports GitHub-flavoured markdown code fences for highlighting for md-files (Blackfriday rendered markdown) and mmark files (MMark rendered markdown). 3621258

    • Several new Blackfriday options are added:

  • Scratch now has built-in map support.

  • We now fall back to link title for the default page sort. 1299

  • Some notable new configuration options:

    • IgnoreFiles can be set with a list of Regular Expressions that matches files to be ignored during build. 1189

    • PreserveTaxonomyNames, when set to true, will preserve what you type as the taxonomy name both in the folders created and the taxonomy key, but it will be normalized for the URL.  1180

  • hugo gen can now generate man files, bash auto complete and markdown documentation

  • Hugo will now make suggestions when a command is mistyped

  • Shortcodes now have a boolean .IsNamedParams property. 1597


  • All template engines:

    • The new dict function that could be used to pass maps into a template.1463

    • The new pluralize and singularize template funcs.

    • The new base64Decode and base64Encode template funcs.

    • The sort template func now accepts field/key chaining arguments and pointer values. 1330

    • Several fixes for slicestr and substr, most importantly, they now have full utf-8-support. 1190 1333 1347

    • The new last template function allows the user to select the last N items of a slice. 1148

    • The new after func allows the user to select the items after the Nth item. 1200

    • Add time.Time type support to the where, ge, gt, le, and lt template functions.

    • It is now possible to use constructs like where Values ".Param.key" nil to filter pages that doesn't have a particular parameter. 1232

    • getJSON/getCSV: Add retry on invalid content. 1166

    • The new readDir func lists local files. 1204

    • The new safeJS function allows the embedding of content into JavaScript contexts in Go templates.

    • Get the main site RSS link from any page by accessing the .Site.RSSLink property. 1566

  • Ace templates:

    • Base templates now also works in themes. 1215.

    • And now also on Windows. 1178

  • Full support for Amber templates including all template functions.

  • A built-in template for Google Analytics. 1505

  • Hugo is now shipped with new built-in shortcodes: 1576

    • youtube for YouTube videos

    • vimeo for Vimeo videos

    • gist for GitHub gists

    • tweet for Twitter Tweets

    • speakerdeck for Speakerdeck slides

Bug 修复

  • Fix data races in page sorting and page reversal. These operations are now also cached. 1293

  • page.HasMenuCurrent() and node.HasMenuCurrent() now work correctly in multi-level nested menus.

  • Support Fish and Chips style section titles. Previously, this would end up as  Fish And Chips. Now, the first character is made toupper, but the rest are preserved as-is. 1176

  • Hugo now removes superfluous p-tags around shortcodes. 1148


  • hugo server will watch by default now.

  • Some fields and methods were deprecated in 0.14. These are now removed, so the error message isn't as friendly if you still use the old values. So please change:

    • getJson to getJSON, getCsv to getCSV, safeHtml tosafeHTML, safeCss to safeCSS, safeUrl to safeURL, Url to URL,UrlPath to URLPath, BaseUrl to BaseURL, Recent to Pages.


Hugo 是 Go 编写的静态网站生成器,速度快,易用,可配置。Hugo 有一个内容和模板目录,把他们渲染到完全的 HTML 网站。

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