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JavaMelody v1.58 发布,系统监控平台

JavaMelody v1.58 发布,更新如下:

  • fix issue 492: incompatibility of the release v1.57.0 (isAsyncStarted) with servlet api 2.5 (Tomcat 6).

  • fix the datasource monitoring in WildFly 9.0.1 (45203cf thanks to jayblanc)

  • fix JENKINS-23442, In the Jenkins plugin, ClassCircularityError: java/util/logging/LogRecord (0ad60da)

  • improved: In the Jenkins plugin, upgrade the minimum Jenkins version to 1.580.1 and replace use of deprecated Jenkins api

  • fix issue 503: incompatibility with JIRA 7

  • fix issue 511: rename to remove conflict with jgroups

  • fix from PR 505 and PR 507: German translations (thanks to mawulf)

  • fix from grails PR 27: In the JavaMelody Grails plugin, fix uppercase environment names to lowercase (thanks to timic)

  • fix from grails PR 28: In the JavaMelody Grails plugin, fix cannot disable spring counter (thanks to timic)

  • added: if Java 7 or later, 2 new graphs are displayed in "Other
    charts", below the main charts: "% System CPU" and "Used buffered
    memory" (5029404).

    • % System CPU is the CPU usage for the whole system (not just the JVM), between 0 and 100%.

    • Used buffered memory is the memory used, either by direct buffers allocated outside of the garbage-collected heap, using ByteBuffer.allocateDirect, or by mapped buffers created by mapping a region of a file into memory, using

  • improved: limit the different child requests per request in statistics to a raisonnable number (10000), issue 496.


avaMelody 能够监测Java或Java EE应用程序服务器,并以图表的方式显示:Java内存和Java  

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