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psutil 3.3.0 发布,支持 OpenBSD

psutil 3.3.0 发布,主要更新如下:

  • Process.memory_maps() is not implemented. The kernel provides the necessary pieces but I didn't do this yet (hopefully later).

  • Process.num_ctx_switches()'s involuntary field is always 0. kinfo_proc provides this info but it is always set to 0.

  • Process.cpu_affinity() (get and set) is not supported.

  • Process.exe() is determined by inspecting the command line so it may not always be available (return None). 

  • psutil.swap_memory() sin and sout (swap in and swap out) values are not available and hence are always set to 0.

  • psutil.cpu_count(logical=False) always return None.


psutil 是一个 Python模块用来获取正在运行的进程信息和系统的CPU和内存的利用率。类似 Linux 的 ps 、top 和 Windows 的任务管理器等程序。

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