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KaOS 2015.11 发布,桌面 Linux 发行版

KaOS 2015.11 发布,主要更新如下:

  • Calamares no longer uses an internal version of partitionmanager, instead it now uses the libraries provided by KPMCore

  • The choice page in the partitioning
    module now shows disk changes in real life.  Any choice you make will
    immediately show a new disk layout.

  • Updated bootloader picker when the chosen device changes.

  • Swap partition support in automatic partitioning

  • Support for blacklisting modules at build time.

  • The user creation page has an option added to reuse the user password for root.

  • Several bug fixes in the partitioning component.



KaOS 是一个轻量级、多用户的嵌入式Linux平台,主要适用于虚拟化和云计算平台。KaOS 基于 LInux KVM 。

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