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Arquillian Liferay 1.0.0.Alpha2 发布

Arquillian Liferay 1.0.0.Alpha2 发布,更新内容如下:

  • #41 Prepare Release 1.0.0.Alpha2

  • #40 Install OSGi dependencies using a property files

  • #37 Problem in travis.yml

  • #36 Maven liferay extension does not work properly with profiles or settings

  • #35 Make possible to not start a tomcat when test are executed in arquillian-liferay-extension-test

  • #34 Use codecov to see the coverage of the project in github

  • #33 Make possible to use filters with the Inject annotation

  • #32 As a developper I want to use the Jacoco Arquillian Extension with this extension

  • #31 Update Liferay and Arquillian Versions

  • #30 Add a complete unit+integration test example written with Maven

  • #28 Add a tutorial to create functional test with the arquillian liferay extension and graphene

  • #27 Support @ArquillianResource bundle and bundleContext Injection

  • #23 Support travis-ci integration so that pulls get tested before reviewing

  • #22 Delete bad patterns in the code of the extension

  • #17 Maven importer is not creating the war properly

  • #15 Test bundle's Bundle-Activator is not executed

  • #14 Add tests for every service

  • #13 support setting the JMX port via system property

  • #12 Use version 1.1.8.Final of Arquillian

  • #11 AddAllExtensionsToApplicationArchiveProcessor should respect Import-Package packages parameters when merging

  • #10 Optional imports can be added more than once

  • #9 Load OsfiAllInBundleExtension extension as LoadableExtension

  • #8 Create a extension that only has the observers to allow use standard extensions with OSGI

  • #7 arquillian-deployment-scenariogenerator-bnd is packaging the test base classes

  • #6 Update to arquillian-container-karaf-remote 2.1.0.CR18

  • #5 BundleClassPathObserver should observes SuiteEvent


Arquillian 可让你在远程或者嵌入式的容器里测试业务逻辑,同时可作为一个压缩包发布到容器中,并通过客户端来进行交互测试。

Liferay 是一个完整的门户解决方案,基于J2EE的应用,使用了EJB以及JMS等技术,前台界面部分使用Struts MVC 框架,基于XML的portlet配置文件可以自由地动态扩展,使用了Web服务来支持一些远程信息的获取,使用 Lucene实现全文检索功能。

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