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Apache Lens 2.4.0-beta 发布

Apache Lens 2.4.0-beta 发布,此版本更新内容如下:


  • [LENS-113] – Document how to document a feature in contributor guide

  • [LENS-399] – TestRewriting test is failing with powermock incompatibility with jdk8

  • [LENS-607] – Test Failures on java8

  • [LENS-724] – Bump version in master to 2.4

  • [LENS-732] – exclude patchprocess directory from licence check.

  • [LENS-748] – Change version number to 2.4.0-beta-SNAPSHOT in master

  • [LENS-790] – UI Module failing if maven version is < 3.1

  • [LENS-802] – Merge master with current-release-line for 2.4

  • [LENS-803] – Bump version in master to 2.5

  • [LENS-804] – Verify Lens 2.4 issues

  • [LENS-805] – Update 2.4 release documentation

  • [LENS-806] – Update gpg keys in dist repo

Bug 修复

  • [LENS-224] – FinishedLensQuery is not storing selectedDriver

  • [LENS-446] – server params should not be passed to session and drivers

  • [LENS-576] – Cannot retrieve query results on lens server restart

  • [LENS-734] – Query output files should have the query name

  • [LENS-745] – Drop partition is assigning latest=null if latest partition is being dropped

  • [LENS-756] – Example query on customer_city_name failing

  • [LENS-762] – Partition Created for querystats is not honouring “lens.server.statistics.warehouse.dir”

  • [LENS-765] – null Error Message on Lens Server logs

  • [LENS-774] – Unable to override “lens.server.session.expiry.service.interval.secs” because of spelling mistake

  • [LENS-775] – NPE on closing HadoopFileFormatter

  • [LENS-777] – Query remains in queue even when driver is free

  • [LENS-792] – StatusPoller logs are useless

  • [LENS-795] – Look ahead is failing with partition not found if any process time partitions are absent

  • [LENS-816] – ThreadSafeEstimatedQueryCollection is ignoring driver argument in getQueries and getQueryCount

  • [LENS-826] – lens.client.query.poll.interval needs doc update

  • [LENS-847] – Columnar JDBC Rewriter in incorrectly pushing filter against wrong alias when fact columns map to a single dimension

  • [LENS-852] – lens-ship-jars in current-release-line branch should have parent version 2.4.0-beta-SNAPSHOT instead of 2.5.0-beta-SNAPSHOT


  • [LENS-341] – Lens is not building against on JAVA-8

  • [LENS-392] – Look ahead timerange should not look for all finer granularity partitions to be present

  • [LENS-533] – Critical metrics for lens

  • [LENS-559] – Add inline values to be specified for XDimAttribute in xsd

  • [LENS-629] – A new, improved web client.

  • [LENS-693] – Queries get purged to DB as soon as they finish

  • [LENS-710] – Allow column name mapping for few/all columns in underlying storage tables

  • [LENS-716] – Support for !=, in and not in predicates in elastic search driver

  • [LENS-731] – Enhance cube.xsd to accept Hierarchical dimattribute and inline dimattribute

  • [LENS-737] – Throw single error out with LensMultiException

  • [LENS-739] – Generate udf jar for lens-regression

  • [LENS-753] – Queue number for queries

  • [LENS-755] – rename LogicalTableCrudCommand to ConceptualTableCrudCommand and PhysicalTableCrudCommand to LogicalTableCrudCommand

  • [LENS-757] – Examples should continue to run in case submission failures

  • [LENS-772] – Both time and size based rolling for logs

  • [LENS-782] – UI support for the saved, parametrized query feature.

  • [LENS-796] – Slow response times for /metastore/nativetables API

  • [LENS-797] – Improve CLI documentation to mention the helpful role of pressing tab while writing commands

  • [LENS-831] – Create a single jar for shipping with hive queries


  • [LENS-742] – Saved query and parameterization

  • [LENS-752] – Support flattening of columns selected through bridge-tables(many-to-many relationships)


  • [LENS-108] – Improve developer documentation

  • [LENS-187] – Move cube specific error message codes from InMobi’s Hive code to Lens

  • [LENS-758] – Remove feather logo from the repository, use already existing image to display on website

  • [LENS-784] – setup build job with java8 on jenkins

  • [LENS-801] – Release Lens 2.4.0-beta


Lens 提供了一个统一数据分析接口。通过提供一个跨多个数据存储的单一视图来实现数据分析任务切分,同时优化了执行的环境。无缝的集成 Hadoop 实现类似传统数据仓库的功能。


  • 简单元数据层为数据存储提供抽象视图层

  • 单一的共享模式服务器,基于 Hive 元存储。模式通过数据管道 HCatalog 和分析应用进行共享:

    • OLAP Cube QL 类似 SQL 的高级语言用来查询和描述存放在不同数据立方体 (Cubes) 中的数据集

    • JDBC 驱动和 Java 客户端库来处理查询

    • Lens 应用服务器 – 这是一个 REST 服务器允许用户查询数据,更改数据模型,调度查询和查询的配额限制

    • 基于驱动的架构 允许在报表系统中进行嵌入,例如 Hive、列数据存储、Redshift 等

    • 基于成本算法的引擎选择 – 该算法可优化资源的使用,通过对查询的复杂度自动选择最佳执行引擎

Apache Lens 的架构如下:

Lens Architecture

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