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Zabbix 3.0.0beta1 发布,分布式系统监视

Zabbix 3.0.0beta1 发布,更新如下:

  • [ZBXNEXT-3082] implemented support of public and private slideshows with ability to share them with other users and user groups

  • [ZBXNEXT-3080] implemented action menu closing only when clicking outside of it

  • [ZBXNEXT-3051] implemented action and action condition caching

  • [ZBXNEXT-2662] implemented displaying of maps using graph_themes

  • [ZBX-10102] added support for log file meta information update for items with value type other than log

  • [ZBXNEXT-2662] moved “sid” parameter into POST method for links with actions

  • [ZBXNEXT-611] added an option to start Zabbix daemons in foreground mode and a configuration parameter to log to the standard ouput



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