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Vert.x 核心开发者 Tim Fox 辞去项目负责人职务









Tim Fox 在 Google Groups 的原贴地址(请自备梯子):!topic/vertx/yluLHXa5CRU 


I have decided to step down as Vert.x Project Lead. 

This hasn’t been an easy decision to make – I have devoted much of my 
life over the past 4.5 years in helping Vert.x (then called Node.x) grow 
from an embryonic side project I started while working at VMware [1], to 
arguably the most popular and feature-packed reactive project on the 
JVM. I certainly have a lot of emotional attachment to the project and 
it will be sad to leave. 

Vert.x is healthier than ever – hits to the web-site are steadily 
increasing and we have a large and growing list of production users from 
many of the largest and well known organisations on the planet to the 
smallest startups. We were one of the first projects to push a reactive 
+ microservices approach and it’s great to see this approach has been 
validated by the way the industry has moved in recent years. 

The community seems more active than ever, and the permanent team of 
Julien, Clement and Paulo have been doing a fantastic job. Red Hat 
continues to invest in Vert.x as a strategically important project. 
Vert.x is in great hands to be taken to the next level. 

My work is done! 

PS. I won’t be leaving the project completely. I will remain a committer 
so you may still see the odd PR from time to time. I’ll be around in the 
community and available to give advice if it’s needed. 

[1] The first code to land in the repository 

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