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KDE Frameworks 5.18.0 发布

KDE Frameworks 5.18.0 发布,此版本是每月的常规更新版本,更新内容如下:


  • Fix several issue of mtime related search

  • PostingDB Iter: Do not assert on MDB_NOTFOUND

  • Balooctl status: Avoid showing 'Content indexing' about folders

  • StatusCommand: Show the correct status for folders

  • SearchStore: Gracefully handle empty term values (bug 356176)

Breeze Icons

  • icon updates and additions

  • 22px size status icons for 32px too as you need it in the system tray

  • Changed Fixed to Scalable value to 32px folders in Breeze Dark

Extra CMake Modules

  • Make the KAppTemplate CMake module global

  • Silence CMP0063 warnings with KDECompilerSettings

  • ECMQtDeclareLoggingCategory: Include <QDebug> with the generated file

  • Fix CMP0054 warnings


  • Streamlined the QML loading for KCM (bug 356832)

  • Work-around for the Qt SQL bug that does not clean up connections properly (bug 348194)

  • Merged a plugin that executes applications on activity state change

  • Port from KService to KPluginLoader

  • Port plugins to use kcoreaddons_desktop_to_json()


  • Fully initialize DynMenuInfo in return value


  • KPluginSelector::addPlugins: fix assert if 'config' parameter is default (bug 352471)


  • Avoid deliberately overflowing a full buffer


  • Ensure group is unescaped properly in kconf_update


  • Add KAboutData::fromPluginMetaData(const KPluginMetaData &plugin)

  • Add KPluginMetaData::copyrightText(), extraInformation() and otherContributors()

  • Add KPluginMetaData::translators() and KAboutPerson::fromJson()

  • Fix use-after-free in desktop file parser

  • Make KPluginMetaData constructible from a json path

  • desktoptojson: make missing service type file an error for the binary

  • make calling kcoreaddons_add_plugin without SOURCES an error


  • Adapt to Qt 5.6's dbus-in-secondary-thread


  • [DragArea] Add dragActive property

  • [KQuickControlsAddons MimeDatabase] Expose QMimeType comment


  • kded: adapt to Qt 5.6's threaded dbus: messageFilter must trigger module loading in the main thread

KDELibs 4 Support

  • kdelibs4support requires kded (for kdedmodule.desktop)

  • Fix CMP0064 warning by setting policy CMP0054 to NEW

  • Don't export symbols that also exist in KWidgetsAddons


  • Don't leak fd when creating socket


  • Windows: remove kdewin dependency


  • Document the first argument rule for plurals in QML

  • Reduce unwanted type changes

  • Make it possible to use doubles as index for i18np*() calls in QML


  • Fix kiod for Qt 5.6's threaded dbus: messageFilter must wait until the module is loaded before returning

  • Change the error code when pasting/moving into a subdirectory

  • Fix emptyTrash blocked issue

  • Fix wrong button in KUrlNavigator for remote URLs

  • KUrlComboBox: fix returning an absolute path from urls()

  • kiod: disable session management

  • Add autocompletion for '.' input which offers all hidden files/folders* (bug 354981)

  • ktelnetservice: fix off by one in argc check, patch by Steven Bromley


  • [Notify By Popup] Send along event ID

  • Set default non-empty reason for screen saver inhibition; (bug 334525)

  • Add a hint to skip notifications grouping (bug 356653)


  • [KNotifyConfigWidget] Allow selecting a specific event

Package Framework

  • Make it possible to provide the metadata in json


  • Fix possible double deletion in DeclarativePersonData


  • Syntax h/l for pli: builtin functions added, expandable regions added

KWallet Framework

  • kwalletd: Fix FILE* leak


  • Add xcb variant for static KStartupInfo::sendFoo methods


  • make it work with older NM versions

Plasma Framework

  • [ToolButtonStyle] Always indicate activeFocus

  • Use the SkipGrouping flag for the "widget deleted" notification (bug 356653)

  • Deal properly with symlinks in path to packages

  • Add HiddenStatus for plasmoid self-hiding

  • Stop redirecting windows when item is disabled or hidden. (bug 356938)

  • Don't emit statusChanged if it hasn't changed

  • Fix element ids for east orientation

  • Containment: Don't emit appletCreated with null applet (bug 356428)

  • [Containment Interface] Fix erratic high precision scrolling

  • Read KPluginMetada's property X-Plasma-ComponentTypes as a stringlist

  • [Window Thumbnails] Don't crash if Composite is disabled

  • Let containments override CompactApplet.qml


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