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Crate Data 0.54.3 发布,数据存储系统

Crate Data 0.54.3 发布,此版本主要是 bug 修复:

 – Fix: Minimum master nodes settings check. Number of minimum master nodes is
   validated against eligible master nodes instead of all nodes in the cluster.

 – Fixed a race condition which could cause a join on more than 2 tables to
   produce an incorrect result.

 – Fix: Comparing generated partition columns using a <= or >=
   operator resulted in a NPE exception

 – fix: don't quote column in response columns

 – Added Amazon S3 support for Snapshot and Restore

 – Made repository types and their settings pluggable,
   so Crate plugins may add additional repository types


Crate Data
SQL 进行检索。易于安装和使用,支持高可用性和实时大规模并行访问和处理。Crate 特别适合用于 Docker 环境中。

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