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Apache PDFBox 1.8.11 发布,Java 的 PDF 处理类

Apache PDFBox 1.8.11 发布,此版本是个增量 bug 修复版本,包括大量 bug 修复和改进。



Bug 修复

[PDFBOX-962] - All sort of Problems when importing Xfdf files into PDFs -> 
damaged pdfs and NPEs
[PDFBOX-2508] - Text extraction getting zero font height, bad widths, and ? for 
text in this PDF with Type 3 Fonts
[PDFBOX-2693] - OutOfMemoryError at 
[PDFBOX-2816] - PDFBox makes disallowed changes when signing a signed document
[PDFBOX-2845] - Error parsing PDF
[PDFBOX-2901] - High CPU load and OutOfMemoryError when rendering shading
[PDFBOX-2903] - ClassCastException at PDFParser:667
[PDFBOX-2909] - NullPointerException when rendering shading with no function
[PDFBOX-2911] - Merge does not close input streams
[PDFBOX-2914] - java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException in
[PDFBOX-2916] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in CmapSubtable.processSubtype6
[PDFBOX-2923] - CFFParser parser treats CIDFont's charset data as SID
[PDFBOX-2924] - ClassCastException when doing PDFSplit
[PDFBOX-2925] - EmptyStackException in PDFStreamEngine.getColorSpaces
[PDFBOX-2935] - Problem while extracting font from PDFontSetting (used in 
[PDFBOX-2940] - ClassCastException in FDF export
[PDFBOX-2958] - TIFF-Predictor with 1 bit per component not supported
[PDFBOX-2964] - Checkbox getOnValue() throws NPE
[PDFBOX-2965] - NPE in PDAcroForm.getField() if the /Fields entry is missing
[PDFBOX-2976] - incorrect data check
[PDFBOX-2982] - fix ClassCastExceptions in operator methods
[PDFBOX-2985] - Potential NPE in PDMarkedContent#getMCID()
[PDFBOX-2986] - Potential resource leak in TTFParser's use of RAFDataStream
[PDFBOX-2987] - NPE in PDTrueTypeFont.extractCMaps
[PDFBOX-2988] - Infinite recursion in ExtractImages 1.8.11-SNAPSHOT
[PDFBOX-2989] - LZW decode filter shouldn't throw IndexOutOfBoundsException
[PDFBOX-2990] - PDDocument.load fails to load a PDF document.
[PDFBOX-2996] - StackOverflow in Quicksort
[PDFBOX-3002] - PDF files not closed after load fails
[PDFBOX-3022] - Maven repos should be https
[PDFBOX-3034] - Newly created XRef stream has direct root objects
[PDFBOX-3035] - Files with missing xref table must fail
[PDFBOX-3041] - Wrong default type in Xref stream W0 element
[PDFBOX-3087] - Metadata stream should not be compressed
[PDFBOX-3097] - ClassCastException in Axial / Radial shading when object 
reference in extends
[PDFBOX-3110] - Extract by beads doesn't work
[PDFBOX-3114] - Visible signatures in different pages changes previous revision
[PDFBOX-3153] - Direct JPEG extraction results in invalid images in 2.0.0 releases.
[PDFBOX-3155] - org.apache.pdfbox.util.PDFTextStripper class initialization 
throws NumberFormatException with recent Verona-enabled Java 9 JVMs
[PDFBOX-3157] - PDOutputIntent has N=3 (RGB) hardcoded
[PDFBOX-3173] - Signature dictionary is not decrypted in encrypted files
[PDFBOX-3190] - Links don't work in firefox
[PDFBOX-3193] - New NPE in PDFBox 1.8.11-rc1 in Acroform PDCheckbox's isChecked()


[PDFBOX-1621] - Add setModifiedDate(Calendar c) to PDAnnotation
[PDFBOX-2891] - Use animal sniffer maven plugin to detect non java 5 api usage 
within the 1.8 branch
[PDFBOX-2952] - Log statement on level 'severe' while nothing else indicates error
[PDFBOX-2962] - Handle TIFF predictor for bpc 2 and 4 / optimize existing 
predictor code
[PDFBOX-3007] - Preflight cookbook example is inefficient
[PDFBOX-3176] - Add a removeRegion method in PDFTextSTripperByArea class



  • 从PDF提取文本
  • 合并PDF文档
  • PDF 文档加密与解密
  • 与Lucene搜索引擎的集成
  • 填充PDF/XFDF表单数据
  • 从文本文件创建PDF文档
  • 从PDF页面创 建图片
  • 打印PDF文档

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