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Light Table 0.8.1 发布,集成开发环境

LightTable 0.8.1 发布,更新如下:

  • CHANGED: [:app :lt.objs.settings/pair-keymap-diffs] behavior is
    being deprecated. Use [:editor :lt.objs.editor/autoclose-brackets] in
    your user.behaviors instead. lt.objs.editor/autoclose-brackets should
    fix autoclosing characters e.g. '[{" for international users.

  • CHANGED: Backspace key uses the same CodeMirror plugin that lt.objs.editor/autoclose-brackets does

  • CHANGED: lt.util.cljs/js->clj is being deprecated. Plugin authors can use the js->clj that comes with ClojureScript

  • CHANGED: Removed unused lt.objs.titlebar ns and lt.objs.titlebar/add-titlebar behavior

  • CHANGED: Removed unused styling in structure.css

  • CHANGED: Removed harbor and jshint node packages that belong to other LightTable plugins

  • CHANGED: Removed :hide-connect command which is the same as :show-connect

  • CHANGED: Removed light skin which was just a confusing pointer to dark skin

  • CHANGED: files/open-sync logs an error when trying to open a nonexistent file. Previously the error was ignored

  • CHANGED: Check for updates every hour instead of every 5 minutes

  • FIX: Git (vcs) friendly! Changing branches and doing rebases doesn't
    cause buggy dialogs. If a file is removed, the tab is closed. If a file
    has a local modification, the user decides whether to overwrite the
    current file or not

  • FIX: LightTable documentation supports navigation as it is now in a browser tab

  • FIX: Save and remove trailing whitespace behavior refreshes tab

  • FIX: Navigator no longer cuts off end of files i.e. can scroll horizontally

  • FIX: Case sensitive renaming of files e.g. readme -> README

  • FIX: Faster detection of binaries in build scripts

  • FIX: In linux, middle click to close tab doesn't paste clipboard contents

  • FIX: :open-path command resolves relative paths before opening them

  • FIX: Clearer description of font-settings behavior

  • FIX: Clear console error when github endpoints returns invalid JSON

  • FIX: All errors are consistently caught and logged to console

  • ADDED: Light Table builds without warnings on ClojureScript 1.7.x

  • ADDED: Add build target for generating cljsdeps.js (need for ClojureScript upgrade)

  • ADDED: Linux and Windows users have access keys on menus

  • ADDED: Linux and Windows users have additional menu items under File: Quit Light Table and About Light Table

  • ADDED: Added file type definitions for html templates: ERB, ASPX, EJS, JSP

  • ADDED: Command-0/Ctrl-0 to reset zoom and Command-=/Ctrl-= to zoom in

  • ADDED: Disply notification to user after installing/updating/uninstalling a plugin


LightTable 是由 Microsoft Visual Studio 部门项目经理 Chris Granger 离职后用
clojure 和 css 开发的全新理念的 IDE,支持多种语言。Light

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