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AppCode 3.4 路线图更新发布

AppCode 3.4 路线图更新发布,此版本更新内容如下:

  • Tasks from the Swift 2 language support list

  • Syntax inspections (OC-11496). Our primary focus here is to deliver this subtask first.

  • New refactorings for Swift. Here we decided to start with Inline variable (OC-11356) and Introduce variable (OC-11591) refactorings.

  • Fixes for bridging header problems (subtasks of OC-10438 and related issues)

  • Fixes for issues with resolve that currently affect completion in Swift (for example, OC-11729 and related issues)

  • Fixes for Swift debugger


AppCode 是一个全新的 Objective-C、Swift 的集成开发环境,用于帮助开发 Mac、iPhone 和 iPad 的应用程序。

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