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Rust 1.6 发布,libcore 变稳定

Rust 1.6 发布,该版本最主要的新特性是 libcore 变稳定,主要更新如下:


  • The #![no_std] attribute causes a crate to not be linked to the
    standard library, but only the core library, as described
    in RFC 1184. The core library defines common types and traits but
    has no platform dependencies whatsoever, and is the basis for Rust
    software in environments that cannot support a full port of the
    standard library, such as operating systems. Most of the core
    library is now stable.


  • Stabilized APIs:Read::read_exact, ErrorKind::UnexpectedEof, fs::DirBuilder, fs::DirBuilder::new,fs::DirBuilder::recursive, fs::DirBuilder::create,os::unix::fs::DirBuilderExt,os::unix::fs::DirBuilderExt::mode, vec::Drain,vec::Vec::drain, string::Drain, string::String::drain,vec_deque::Drain, vec_deque::VecDeque::drain,collections::hash_map::Drain,collections::hash_map::HashMap::drain,collections::hash_set::Drain,collections::hash_set::HashSet::drain,collections::binary_heap::Drain,collections::binary_heap::BinaryHeap::drain,Vec::extend_from_slice,Mutex::get_mut, Mutex::into_inner, RwLock::get_mut,RwLock::into_inner, Iterator::min_by_key, Iterator::max_by_key.

  • The core library is stable, as are most of its APIs.

  • The assert_eq! macro supports arguments that don't implementSized, such as arrays. In this way it behaves more likeassert!.

  • Several timer functions that take duration in milliseconds are
    deprecated in favor of those that take Duration. These
    include Condvar::wait_timeout_ms, thread::sleep_ms, andthread_park_timeout_ms.

  • The algorithm by which Vec reserves additional elements wastweaked to not allocate excessive space while still growing

  • From conversions are implemented from integers to floatsin cases where the conversion is lossless. Thus they are not
    implemented for 32-bit ints to f32, nor for 64-bit ints to f32or f64. They are also not implemented for isize and usizebecause the implementations would be platform-specific. From is
    also implemented from f32 to f64.

  • From<&Path> and From<PathBuf> are implemented for Cow<Path>.

  • From<T> is implemented for Box<T>, Rc<T> and Arc<T>.

  • IntoIterator is implemented for &PathBuf and &Path.

  • BinaryHeap was refactored for modest performance

  • Sorting slices that are already sorted is 50% faster in some


  • Cargo will look in $CARGO_HOME/bin for subcommands by default.

  • Cargo build scripts can specify their dependencies by emitting thererun-if-changed key.

  • will reject publication of crates with dependencies that
    have a wildcard version constraint. Crates with wildcard
    dependencies were seen to cause a variety of problems, as described
    in RFC 1241. Disallowing them will create more predictable
    development experience and a more stable ecosystem. Since 1.5
    publication of such crates has emitted a warning.

  • cargo clean accepts a --release flag to clean the
    release folder.  A variety of artifacts that Cargo failed to clean
    are now correctly deleted.


  • The unreachable_code lint warns when a function call's argument

  • The parser indicates failures that may be caused by
    confusingly-similar Unicode characters

  • Certain macro errors are reported at definition time, not

Compatibility Notes

  • The compiler no longer makes use of the RUST_PATHenvironment variable when locating crates. This was a pre-cargo
    feature for integrating with the package manager that was
    accidentally never removed.

  • A number of bugs were fixed in the privacy checker that
    could cause previously-accepted code to break.

  • Modules and unit/tuple structs may not share the same name.

  • Bugs in pattern matching unit structs were fixed: the tuple
    struct pattern syntax (Foo(..)) no longer can be used with unit
    structs; patterns that share the same name as a const are now an

  • A bug was fixed that causes rustc not to apply default type
    parameters when resolving certain method implementations of
    traits defined in other crates.

更多内容请看:release notes。


Rust 是 Mozilla 的一个新的编程语言,由web语言的领军人物Brendan Eich(js之父),Dave Herman以及Mozilla公司的Graydon Hoare 合力开发。

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