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Sequelize.js 3.18.0 发布,Node.js 的 ORM

Sequelize.js 3.18.0 发布,更新如下:

  • [ADDED] Support silent: true in bulk update #5200

  • [ADDED] retry object now part of global settings and can be overridden per call.  The default is 5 retries with a backoff function.  retry object can be passed to options with max: 0 to turn off this behavior.

  • [ADDED] Sqlite now retries database queries that return SQL_BUSY as the status.

  • [ADDED] Add IF EXIST to postgres alter enum #4464

  • [FIXED] Postgres destroy with where fails on JSONB data #5092

  • [FIXED] hasMany.separate with foreign keys having field


Sequelize.js 提供对 MySQL,MariaDB,SQLite 和 PostgreSQL 数据库的简单访问,通过映射数据库条目到对象,或者对象到数据库条目。简而言之,就是 ORM(Object-Relational-Mapper)。Sequelize.js 完全是使用 JavaScript 编写,适用于 Node.js 的环境。

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