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Apache libcloud 1.0.0-pre1 发布

Apache libcloud 1.0.0-pre1 发布,更新信息如下:


  • Introduction of container based drivers for Docker, Rkt and Container-as-a-service
    (LIBCLOUD-781, GITHUB-666)
    [Anthony Shaw]

  • Introduce a new libcloud.backup API for Backup as a Service projects and
    [Anthony Shaw]

  • Also retry failed HTTP(s) requests upon transient "read operation timed out"
    SSL error.
    (GITHUB-556, LIBCLOUD-728)
    [Scott Kruger]

  • Throw a more user-friendly exception if a client fails to establish SSL / TLS
    connection with a server because of an unsupported SSL / TLS version.
    [Tomaz Muraus]

ibcloud 是一个访问云计算服务的统一接口,该项目已经成为 Apache 组织的顶级项目,采用 Python 开发。


  • Add ap-northeast-2 region to EC2 driver (South Korea)
    [Anthony Shaw]

  • Added Added volume type to EC2 volume extra to EC2 driver.
    [Gennadiy Stas]

  • Add LazyObject class that provides lazy-loading, see GCELicense for usage
    (LIBCLOUD-786, GITHUB-665)
    [Scott Crunkleton]

  • Added t2.nano instance type to EC2 Compute driver
    [Anthony Shaw]

  • Support for passing the image ID as a string instead of an instance of image when
    creating nodes in Dimension Data driver.
    [Anthony Shaw]


  • Add support for 'health checks' in Aurora DNS driver
    [Wido den Hollander]

  • Make sure ttl attribute is correctly parsed and added to the Recordextra dictionary.
    [Wido den Hollander]

  • Improve unit tests of Aurora DNS driver
    [Wido den Hollander]



  • Source code (zip)

  • Source code (tar.gz)

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