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Serv-U 发布 – 老牌FTP服务端

Serv-U 是目前众多的FTP 服务器软件之一.通过使用Serv-U,用户能够将任何一台PC 设置成一个FTP 服务器,这样,用户或其他使用者就能够使用FTP 协议,通过在同一网络上的任何一台PC与FTP服务器连接,进行文件或目录的复制,移动,创建,和删除等.

Serv-U Version

Serv-U was released December 29, 2015. A complete list of changes and upgrades follows:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a case sensitivity issue occurs when configuring Directory Access rules.

  • Fixed an issue with LDAP public key authentication.

  • Fixed a memory leak issue that occurred during LDAP authentication.

  • Fixed an issue with the Expired Password Change functionality.

  • Fixed an issue with Multi-line FTP responses for the FEAT command.

  • Fixed an issue with possible SQL injection in the invitation link used by secure file sharing.

  • Fixed an issue with possible persistent cross-site scripting in file sharing.

  • Fixed an issue with the possible injection of additional email headers using a crafter subject in an upload or download request.


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