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Docker v1.10.2-rc1 发布

Docker v1.10.2-rc1 发布,完整改进记录包括:


  • Prevent systemd from deleting containers' cgroups when its configuration is reloaded #20518

  • Fix SELinux issues by disregarding --read-only when mounting /dev/mqueue #20333

  • Fix chown permissions used during docker cp when userns is used #20446

  • Fix configuration loading issue with all booleans defaulting to true #20471

  • Fix occasional panic with docker logs -f #20522


  • Keep layer reference if deletion failed to avoid a badly inconsistent state #20513

  • Handle gracefully a corner case when canceling migration #20372

  • Fix docker import on compressed data #20367

  • Fix tar-split files corruption during migration that later cause docker push and docker save to fail #20458


  • Fix daemon crash if embedded DNS is sent garbage #20510


  • Fix issue with multiple volume references with same name #20381


  • Fix potential cache corruption and delegation conflict issues #20523


Ubuntu/Debian: curl -fsSL | sh
Linux 64bit binary:
Darwin/OSX 64bit client binary:
Linux 64bit tgz:
Windows 64bit client binary:
Windows 32bit client binary:

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