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Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.3.16 发布

Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.3.16 发布,该版本改进记录包括:

Changes in Oak 1.3.16


    [OAK-3994] - Simple query on suggestion/spellcheck with
    unambiguous index def and one descendant clause should work

Technical task

    [OAK-4020] - RDBExport: misleading warning about column names
    [OAK-4021] - RDBDocumentStore: create() for collections other than
    NODES is broken


    [OAK-3965] - SegmentPropertyState external binary property reports
    unusual size
    [OAK-3981] - Change in aggregation flow in OAK-3831 causes some
    properties to be left out of aggregation
    [OAK-3988] - Offline compaction should avoid loading external
    [OAK-3991] - Incorrect resultset from XPATH, multiple ORs and
    Lucene full-text
    [OAK-3995] - Incorrect translation of old checkpoint format
    [OAK-3999] - ParseException thrown for xpath query on 3 or more
    jcr:primaryType "or" conditions
    [OAK-4004] - The cold standby segment store doesn't delete the
    files marked for deletion
    [OAK-4009] - Search done via Lucene index might return duplicate
    [OAK-4011] - Set online compaction default to paused
    [OAK-4017] - ObservationTest: tearDown() may fail with NPE
    [OAK-4018] - Test failures after upgrading to JR 2.12.0


    [OAK-2761] - Persistent cache: add data in a different thread
    [OAK-3274] - DefaultSyncConfigImpl: add information to
    "user.membershipExpTime" about minimum expiration time
    [OAK-3975] - Change DELETE_BATCH_SIZE to 100 (from 450), and make
    it configurable
    [OAK-3978] - Add segment size to segment graph
    [OAK-3979] - RepositoryUpgrade skip on error must skip non
    existing node bundle
    [OAK-3989] - Add S3 datastore support for Text Pre Extraction
    [OAK-3990] - Enable specifying the max clause limit in
    [OAK-3997] - Include eviction cause to the LIRS removal callback
    [OAK-4006] - Enable cloning of repo for shared data store and
    [OAK-4007] - "reset clusterId tool" in oak-run
    [OAK-4008] - DataStoreBlobStore - Log blob deletion as info
    [OAK-4013] - DataStoreTextWriter should not write on close when
    running in readOnly mode


    [OAK-3946] - Document oak-authorization-cug
    [OAK-3996] - Update Jackrabbit version to 2.12.0
    [OAK-4002] - Consolidate maven-jar-plugin in oak-parent pom.xml


    [OAK-3986] - simple performance regression IT (that would fail in
    case commitRoots would not be purged)
    [OAK-3998] - No SLF4J binding in oak-it

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