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Zephyr Kernel v1.0.0 发布,实时操作系统

来自 Linux 基金会的实时操作系统 Zephyr 发布了 1.0 内核。Zephyr 内核提供的功能包括:

  1. Single address-space OS. Combines
    application-specific code with a custom kernel to create a monolithic
    image that gets loaded and executed on a system’s hardware. Both the
    application code and kernel code execute in a single shared address

  2. Highly configurable. Allows an application to incorporate only the capabilities it needs as it needs them, and to specify their quantity and size.

  3. Resources defined at compile-time. Requires all system resources be defined at compilation time, which reduces code size and increases performance.

  4. Minimal error checking.
    Provides minimal run-time error checking to reduce code size and
    increase performance. An optional error-checking infrastructure is
    provided to assist in debugging during application development.

  5. Extensive suite of services. Offers a number of familiar services for development:

  • Multi-threading
    Services for both priority-based, non-preemptive fibers and
    priority-based, preemptive tasks with optional round robin time-slicing.

  • Interrupt Services for both compile-time and run-time registration of interrupt handlers.

  • Inter-thread Synchronization Services for binary semaphores, counting semaphores, and mutex semaphores.

  • Inter-thread Data Passing Services for basic message queues, enhanced message queues, and byte streams.

  • Memory Allocation Services for dynamic allocation and freeing of fixed-size or variable-size memory blocks.

  • Power Management Services such as tickless idle and an advanced idling infrastructure.


  • Very small memory footprint approx. 8 kB.

  • Multiple architecture support: x86, ARM and ARC.

  • Arduino* 101, Arduino* Due, Intel* Quark* SE and NXP* Kinetis* K64 processor support.

  • Connectivity features: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and 6lowPAN support.

  • Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) and Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) support.

  • I/O drivers: ADC, GPIO, I2C, SPI.

  • Zephyr SDK for application development.

  • API documentation.


x86 Instruction Set Architectures

  • MinnowBoard MAX

  • QEMU 2.1

  • Quark D2000 Boards

  • Quark SE Boards

  • Arduino 101 Board

  • Galileo and Galileo Gen 2

ARM (v7-M and v7E-M) Instruction Set Architectures

  • QEMU 2.1 + patch

  • Arduino Due Board

  • NXP Freedom Development Platform


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