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Teiid 9.0 Alpha1 发布,数据虚拟化系统

Teiid 9.0 Alpha1 发布了,请参考 8.x 到 9.0 的 移植文档


  • TEIID-3601 Large row counts internal tables and source queries are no longer limited to max integer rows. However update counts, count aggregate values, user result sets, etc. are still limited to max integer.
  • TEIID-3792 Array Quantified Comparisons can be used to search array values – for example expression = SOME (array_expression)
  • TEIID-3462 Semantic VDB Versioning can be used in the VDB name and connection string, rather than the simple integer version. See the Reference for more.
  • TEIID-3849 Cassandra Update Improvements for bulk/batch updates and asynch processing.
  • TEIID-3869 Additional geospatial support for Geoserver integration with Teiid.

同时还包含很多 bug 的修复。

一份全新的 GitBook 文档:



简而言之:Teiid 可以让你用 JDBC + SQL 来访问企业的任何数据,并可对这些不同源的数据进行联合查询。

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