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Wine配置便捷工具 Vineyard-Wine



  • Improved Prefix creation (see image above):

    • You can now choose between creating a 64-bit or 32-bit prefix.

    • A specific version of Wine can be selected to be used for the prefix.

    • Installed versions of Wine are auto-detected (looks through $PATH, /opt and PlayOnLinux folders).

    • Progress indication works (finally).

  • 64-bit support is now auto-detected from the Wine version.

  • The main tab now shows which Wine binaries/version and arch (64/32-bit) is used.

  • The “Run executable” tool works again for .exe files in modern distros.

  • Added newer versions of MS Visual C++ to install list.

  • Launching a terminal in a prefix now works correctly again.

  • The menu icon has been changed to the modern GTK menu icon.


vineyard-wine-tool.jpgwine prefix editing.png

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