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游戏开发引擎 Serious Engine

Serious-Engine 是一个开源的游戏引擎,由经典的 Serious Sam 游戏所开发。


  • DedicatedServer

  • Ecc The Entity Class Compiler, a custom build tool used to compile *.es files

  • Engine Serious Engine 1.10

  • EngineGUI Common GUI things for game tools

  • EntitiesMP All the entity logic

  • GameGUIMP Common GUI things for game tools

  • GameMP All the game logic

  • Modeler Serious Modeler

  • RCon Used to connect to servers using an admin password

  • SeriousSam The main game executable

  • SeriousSkaStudio Serious Ska Studio

  • WorldEditor Serious Editor

  • DecodeReport Used to decode crash *.rpt files

  • Depend Used to build a list of dependency files based on a list of root files

  • LWSkaExporter Exporter for use in LightWave

  • MakeFONT Used for generating *.fnt files

  • Shaders Compiled shaders

  • GameAgent The serverlist masterserver written in Python

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