Spring Boot v1.3.7 v1.4.0 发布下载

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Spring Boot v1.3.7 v1.4.0 发布下载,从 Spring Boot 项目名称中的 Boot 可以看出来,Spring Boot 的作用在于创建和启动新的基于 Spring 框架的项目。它的目的是帮助开发人员很容易的创建出独立运行和产品级别的基于 Spring 框架的应用。Spring Boot 会选择最适合的 Spring 子项目和第三方开源库进行整合。大部分 Spring Boot 应用只需要非常少的配置就可以快速运行起来。

Spring Boot 包含的特性如下:

  • 创建可以独立运行的 Spring 应用。
  • 直接嵌入 Tomcat 或 Jetty 服务器,不需要部署 WAR 文件。
  • 提供推荐的基础 POM 文件来简化 Apache Maven 配置。
  • 尽可能的根据项目依赖来自动配置 Spring 框架。
  • 提供可以直接在生产环境中使用的功能,如性能指标、应用信息和应用健康检查。
  • 没有代码生成,也没有 XML 配置文件。



  • Upgrade to thymeleaf-extras-conditionalcomments 2.1.2.RELEASE enhancement
  • Upgrade to Freemarker 2.3.25-incubating enhancement
  • Upgrade to Postgresql 9.4.1209.jre7 enhancement
  • Upgrade to Jetty 9.2.18.v20160721 enhancement
  • Upgrade to Spring Integration 4.2.9  enhancement
  • json-simple should not be marked as optional in spring-boot-dependencies bug
  • Connect cla.pivotal.io
  • ConfigurationProperties cannot handle lists over 256 elements bug
  • Deploying to Openshift Documentation Error documentation
  • Cannot modify web security without overwriting auto-configured security. documentation
  • Hard to identify cause of IllegalStateException thrown by DevTools when it can't read jar's manifest bug
  • Downgrade to HSQLDB 2.3.3 blocker
  • Log4J2LoggingSystem.FILTER causes some exceptions to be lost from the log bug in-progress
  • Undertow SSL support doesn't support null passwords bug
  • DevTools support for remote applications breaks when a second change is made before first restart has completed bug
  • Application Admin MBean tries to register twice when there's a child SpringApplication that enables auto-configuration bug
  • Upgrade to Thymeleaf 2.1.5  enhancement
  • A child SpringApplication can cause SpringApplicationAdmin MBean to indicate that the application is ready when it's not bug
  • ShutdownEndpoint does not reset the interrupted flag when it catches InterruptedException bug
  • Tomcat sometimes warns about threads that have not been stopped when app is shut down using the shutdown endpoint bug
  • Authenticated health endpoint access also cached documentation
  • Upgrade to Hikari 2.4.7 enhancement
  • Remove [email protected]` from `IntegrationMBeanExporter`  bug regression






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