Fotoxx 16.08发布下载,照片编辑器

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Fotoxx 16.08照片编辑器最近发布下载Fotoxx 一个免费开源的Linux下照片编辑器。F是一款类似 Photoshop 的开源照片编辑程序,可运行Linux系统上。支持主要的图像格式,包括JPEG,BMP,PNG,TIFF和RAW。Fotoxx主要用于裁剪,调整大小或润饰照片,而无需使用图层。

Ubuntu 14.04 下PPA安装照片编辑软件Fotoxx 14.05

Ubuntu 14.04 下PPA安装照片编辑软件Fotoxx 14.05    2014-05/101066.htm

Fotoxx 16.08 更新日志

  • Albums:
    • Remove multiple images by clicking thumbnails.
    • Drag thumbnails from a file manager or gallery to an album and position.
  • Slide Show:
    • The last image remains displayed until Escape is pressed
    • Transition preferences: fix large dialog that can overflow a small monitor.
  • Select Hairy:
    • Show the tones currently being selected or deselected.
    • Select and deselect thresholds were adjusted for finer selectivity.
  • Select Area:
    • Area edit: edge blending appearance was made smoother.
    • Area copy and paste: smoother edges via variable pixel transparency.
  • Gallery:
    • Use two parallel sessions to drag and drop thumbnails across galleries.
  • Metadata:
    • Report by location, new option: sequence by date-group and location.
    • Timeline report: create a table of image counts by year and month.
    • Click on a year/month to produce a corresponding thumbnail gallery.
  • Color Mode:
    • Sepia coloring was improved.
    • A new slider was added to adjust effect from zero to 100%.
  • User Options:
    • Add an option to set the gallery background color.
  • Main:
    • The Favorites popup menu is initialized with defaults, if empty.
    • The mouse selection circle remains visible in transparent image areas.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Images by date-range and location: too many images were being selected.
    • Paste Area: brightness and edge blend adjustments reset each-other.

Ubuntu 16.04安装Fotoxx 16.08

sudo apt-get install gdebi

wget http://www.kornelix.net/downloads/packages/fotoxx-16.08-x86_64.deb

sudo gdebi fotoxx-16.08-x86_64.deb




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