Visual Studio Code 1.4 发布

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Visual Studio Code 1.4 近日发布下载是一种新型的工具,Visual Studio Code提供了全面的编辑和调试支持可扩展的模型并与现有的工具轻巧的集成。

Visual Studio Code 1.4 亮点

  • Workbench: Editor actions such as Open Preview and Switch to Changes View are back on the title bar. IME and Copy/Paste support in the Integrated Terminal.
  • Editor: Better snippet and suggestions control. New Insert Snippet command with dedicated UI.
  • Debugging: Restart Frame action to rerun a specific stack frame. ‘Variable paging’ feature moved into VS Code and available to all debug extensions.
  • Extension Authoring: New ‘move’ commands to better support VIM gestures. Custom link behavior with the DocumentLinkProvider API. Expanded Debug Protocol.


  • Allow to disable drag and drop in the files explorer
  • Sometimes SVG icons do not show up on Windows 7
  • Weird tabs auto scrolling behaviour
  • Deleting folder containing dirty files closes dirty editors
  • Run selected text in active terminal is not running the selected text on Windows
  • Lines containing unicode characters in integrated terminal differ in height
  • Global search and replace: Support regular expression variables in replace


Ubuntu 16.04 安装 Visual Studio Code 1.4


sudo apt-get install gdebi

wget https://az764295.vo.msecnd.net/stable/6276dcb0ae497766056b4c09ea75be1d76a8b679/code_1.4.0-1470328389_i386.deb

sudo gdebi code_1.4.0-1470328389_i386.deb


sudo apt-get install gdebi

wget https://az764295.vo.msecnd.net/stable/6276dcb0ae497766056b4c09ea75be1d76a8b679/code_1.4.0-1470329130_amd64.deb

sudo gdebi code_1.4.0-1470329130_amd64.deb


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